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Prescriptions, Refills, Medications & Pharmacies


According to Virginia State Law, veterinarians are required to physically see their patients, in person, at least once per year. If your pet is overdue for her/his yearly recheck, it may delay the refilling of his/her prescription. We do our best to remind our pet parents and keep them up to date on required visits, but it is ultimately your responsibility to ensure your pet is seen in a timely manner.


If your pet is overdue or due soon, schedule an annual IN PERSON recheck then fill out the refill request form (we are currently booking ~3 months out). We'll make sure you have enough medication to tide you over until your pet's annual visit.  Please allow 3-5 business days for us to process  your request.  If your pet needs medication sooner, then submit an emergency refill request along with the appropriate fee.  This will move you to the front of the line and your request will be processed within 1 business day.  We are using our scheduling software to log your request into our working calendar.  It will look like you are scheduling an appointment-you are not!  We are simply logging the requests in the order in which we receive them to allow for timely processing.  Be aware that on any given day, for example before a holiday, we may receive dozens of requests!!

We cannot be responsible for lost paper scripts.  Replacing lost scripts will incur a $50 emergency fee.  Lost scripts for controlled substances can NOT be replaced.







Covetrus/Vet's First Choice: Our #1 priority is providing your pet with safe and effective medication. That's why we work with a pharmacy that our practice has researched and trusts. Using our online store allows us full visibility into your pet's care so we can make appropriate recommendations to meet your needs. Unlike with other online pharmacies, our staff can directly input your prescriptions, manage quantity, track billing/shipping, and make quick changes as needed. We can usually authorize prescription requests right away and send you refill reminders so you don't run out of the medication that your pet needs! Shipping for many standard prescriptions is free and delivery takes 3-5 days. 



If you would prefer to use a local human pharmacy, please complete the refill request form. We use our scheduling software to log your request onto our working calendar. You are NOT scheduling an appointment. Simply pick the next available open slot on the calendar. The date is not an indication of when your refill will be processed. It may take as long as 3-5 business days to complete your request. If you need medication sooner, please submit an emergency refill request. Please note, there is a charge for emergency refill requests.



If you wish to order through another online pharmacy, you will need to place the order through their website and they will then submit an authorization form to us. If you received a paper script, you will need to mail it to your pharmacy of choice.

Authorization for routine refills can take 3-5 business days. This does not take into account the time required by the pharmacy to fill and, if applicable, ship your product. 

Please read the Food and Drug Administration's list of cautions regarding the risks associated with purchasing from unregulated online pharmacies.

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