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Forms for Clients

To get the most out of your appointment, please fill out the appropriate canine or feline form for your pet prior to meeting with Dr. Sinn. These are extensive questionnaires and will take a while to complete in detail--it may seem like a lot, but sometimes it's these details that provide the greatest clues to decoding your pet's behavior.


If your pet was referred by your general practitioner, please have your veterinarian fill out the "Veterinary History Form" in the next section.


If you are filling out an online form, you can save your responses and return later to work on the form again (note the "Save my progress and return later" option at the top of the first page). When you are done with your form, please don't forget to SUBMIT IT.


PDF forms can be scanned and emailed to or sent via mail to: P.O. Box 116 Hamilton, VA 20159. 

Canine Behavior Questionnaire Online

Canine Behavior Questionnaire PDF

Feline Behavior Questionnaire Online

Feline Behavior Questionnaire PDF

Prescription Refill Request Online

Recheck Appointment Questionnaire Online

Forms for Clients
Forms for Veterinary Practioners

Forms for Veterinary Practitioners

If you are referring a case please fill out an online or PDF vet history form for your client. Supporting documentation can be uploaded in the online survey or sent separately to

Veterinary History Form Online

Veterinary History Form PDF

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