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Do you have concerns about your pet's behavior?

You're not alone. And we can help.

Does your pet have behavior problems?

In a recent American Animal Hospital Pet Owner Survey, 60% of all pet owners had one or more behavior concerns about their pets. The sooner a treatment plan is in place, the more likely it is that the behavior can be successfully managed or changed. Dr. Sinn's practice is focused entirely on animal behavior. Her goal is to provide behavior solutions for you and your pet.

Behavior Solutions is an independent consulting business dedicated to your pet's behavioral health. Dr. Sinn is a veterinarian and an animal lover as well as a certified professional trainer. With a practice limited to behavior, she specializes in finding solutions for all types of behavioral issues and concerns. She believes that the bond between people and their pets is special.


Schedule a consultation to discuss your pet's behavioral concerns and to get the information that you need to ensure that your pet continues to be a happy and treasured member of your household.


About Dr. Sinn

Learn more about Dr. Sinn's experience and credentials as a behavioral specialist.


How do you schedule an appointment? And what does a typical consultation involve? 


Dr. Sinn treats dogs, cats, horses, exotics, and birds. Learn more about some of the common behavioral problems that Dr. Sinn can help you address.


Build up your knowledge about common behavioral problems and what can be done to address them.

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